John’s Monthly Forecast for November 2018

ARIES – You’re going to have to focus more on your own well-being rather than saving those close to you. Their idea of being “right” is not the same as you see it. They must follow from their own experience if they are to align with their own heart. Worrying about them only brings you grief. They have what they need. You don’t have to protect them.

TAURUS – Your home structure and traditions are about to go through a change. Make sure that pride is not a factor in the rapport you want to establish with your family and heritage. Your significant other will have a lot to say about how you do things. Distractions from your career may make this a bit more difficult. Use your natural tenacity to see your way through.

GEMINI – The way you’ve been communicating will have to take on a bit more humility. People don’t hear as much of what you say as what you project. Be much more conscious of the stance and focus that you’re using and make sure it aligns with the content you want to put across. It may not be received the way that you intend.

CANCER – Pay more attention to the resources you depend on. Your significant other may not agree as to how you want to apply them. The security that you want to retain may be counterproductive to what’s best for your family. Be more open minded as to where you can apply your money, efforts and resources to best benefit you and your family.

LEO – Things are just on the brink of easing up. You’ve spent the last year dealing with checks and balances in how you come across, what people actually know about you and what it is you’ve been attempting to project as your image. The results are now all in. Do you like what you see? Are you perceived by others the way you want? If not, time for some hard-self-assessment.

VIRGO – Ask yourself if you’ve been generous enough with the people around you, not with what you give them but what you allow them in benefit of doubt. Do you allow them enough leeway to pursue their lives the way that best resonates with their heart not your standards?

LIBRA – You may have to depend a bit more on others for your wellbeing than you had either anticipated or wanted. Everyone is doing the best that they can and your interests are not on the top of their list. You must make sure that your efforts are responsible for what you are attempting to manifest. Is that enough?

SCORPIO – This is your month. Everything that needs to be seen is out in the open. Stop looking under rocks and behind cabinets for the cause of circumstances you find yourself in. Sometimes life can be obvious and it’s not necessary to dig for a hidden agenda. Now is one of those times. Take the opportunity to clearly look at your accountability for things as they are.

SAGITTARIUS – Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird derriere. Your tendency to brag will bring you a lot of trouble if you don’t offer proof of what you boast. Don’t think people lack the sensitivity to see past what you offer. Many people have tuned perceptions and can see way past the surface.

CAPRICORN – Being well grounded is a good objective but make sure that the new foundation is not constructed of iron. In new structuring we must always remain flexible for the contingency that what we built might be a little too limited in its scope for potential. Give yourself room to breathe. It doesn’t have to be perfect on the first go-round.

AQUARIUS – Become more mindful of what is necessary for others around you to feel more comfortable in dealing with you. You’ve been very forceful over the last few months and people around you need to know that there’s a human underneath the exterior you’ve been projecting.

PISCES – You’re going to have to speak up more in your career if you want your message to be heard by those you’ve been sacrificing yourself for. People don’t respond as much to feeling obligated as they do to being thanked and encouraged for the effort that they have afforded you. Be mindful that the tyranny of the weak only produces anger and resentment in those who feel it. Think about it.

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