Happy Birthday Scorpio 2018

As of August, you have had to revisit some of the changes you have made in your close and long-term relationships. This includes friends and enemies. This has put a crimp in the timing of some of the activities you were planning on undertaking. Most of this has to do with how you serve yourself and others. This also includes the spouses of your siblings. Keep your authority over yourself obvious even though Scorpio likes to keep things under wraps. This will insure that there are no misunderstandings in how you intend to keep the relationship on an even keel for your healthiest welfare.

Speaking of health, your tendency to push yourself past your limits is a bit exaggerated now and rash action can get you into unexpected trouble. Although you don’t like others knowing of your limits, you should stop activities when you begin to feel that it is a strain to go on. It is not as important to keep your limits a secret from you enemies as it is wiser to listen to your body and feelings to know where your limits are whether others can use that knowledge or not. Physically, issues with the head, eyes, ears, nose and mouth are most susceptible to injury. Take extra care in protecting these areas.

In the first week of November issues concerning home and career will begin to shift to your mobility, communication and flexibility. Start looking more realistically at how agile and supple you really are. You may have to make some adjustments such as putting things in places that are gotten to more easily than they have been. Ergonomics is something that will take a surprising precedence over other factors that determine how you arrange your movement during daily life issues. Make things easier for yourself. You don’t always have to “rough it” to prove to others that you are manly or virile. Yes, this applies to you women to!

Your image and how you come across to others now is at a place where you like yourself more than you have. This has the effect of allowing you to relax where you’re around others that ordinarily you would want to impress. Look carefully at this relaxation. It’s showing you the fruitlessness of fretting how other perceive you. Right now, your projection is large and expansive. Allow this to benefit you by allowing the chips to fall where they may. Don’t try to control the responses you receive from others by hiding or masking certain parts of yourself. On the down side, this expansiveness may include your body weight. This you should make adjustment to keep in check for what is healthy for your frame and body type.

Lastly, there may be some home improvements that are underway. Be patient with yourself and accept help from others when it is offered. You can only benefit from the assistance and it won’t tarnish your image or make you feel obligated.

November 2018 Astrolights

November seems to be an active month for shifting focus and perception. We begin with Uranus continuing to move retrograde but reentering Aries. Adjustments that were made over the last seven years concerning how independent or true to ourselves we have been are receiving an opportunity for review. Are you alone more than you’d like to be, or do you feel that you are you in a good place with how you pioneer your own character and abilities?

Take a good long-range overview to assess whether your inclusion or not of others is in a comfortable space for you. The new moon in Scorpio, ruled by Aries’ ruler Mars, will bring much of this to the surface for you. It will tell you actually how much assistance you really do need and how much you rely on others to quell the doubts you have in depending solely on yourself. Jupiter’s shift into Sagittarius on the 8th should aid you by producing a bit more confidence in your own abilities. On the 15th the first quarter moon in Aquarius and Mars’ shift into Pisces should bring your fears to the surface through the urges that bubble up from your unconscious. Allow yourself to go with the flow. It will lead you into activities that will allow you to dispel some of the more irrational fears that you still harbor. Trust yourself. Your inner being knows everything that you need to know but just doesn’t make it as apparent to you as you would like it to be. We’re usually too distracted with mundane daily issues to pay attention.

On the 16th and 17th Venus turns direct in Libra and Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius respectively. How you want to handle yourself in relationships is now set and Mercury will now allow you to look at the responses you will get from those important to you. Because Mercury is in Sagittarius, it should give you better insight, value wise, as to where the important people in your life are coming from. The Sun’s movement into Sagittarius on the 22nd can only add clarification to what you need to know and the Moon becoming full in Gemini on the 23rd will help you to say what might need to be said to others.

Lastly, Neptune turns direct in Pisces on the 25th. He will now dig further below the surface to bring up the next level of hesitations or fears that need to be dealt with. You may also find some new sensitivities that you didn’t realize that you had or were reacting to. Be patient with yourself. This is an ongoing process and we can only become emotionally cleaner when each emotional “glass floor” has been shattered in succession allowing us passage more deeply into ourselves. Enjoy the journey but come up for air often to enjoy the sunlight and the fruits of your labor!

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