John’s Monthly Forecast for October 2018

ARIES – Changes in financial status are in play…good and bad. Good if you pay attention and make adjustments according to how your resources are working and bad if you do a rush job just to get to more pleasurable things. Also, issues with siblings are coming more to the forefront. Do what you can but don’t over-commit yourself.

TAURUS – Although things are still moving rather quickly for you, there is a slight respite occurring now where you have the opportunity to readjust recent changes. No new changes are written in stone yet so don’t be afraid to move a few things around. Once a Taurus change thing they often stay that way for a millennium.

GEMINI – Your feelings and how you perceive your home situation is in the limelight this month. If you have children, your relationship with them is now at a changeable point where there will occur no repercussions in dealing with serious issues. Both you and your children see clearly what is going on now and are aware of what is needed to make things run more smoothly.

CANCER – Dreams and internal feelings are in play this month. Pay close attention to how you feel about what traditions you have in place and how or if you would like them to continue. Confide in your spouse if you have one. Their insight can be invaluable as to how you perceive what you’re involved in.

LEO – You’re very close to receiving responses to the changes you made in your world recently. Sit back, take a breath and begin listening to how other people are beginning to react to you. You want to see if there is a good balance between your taking what you want and allowing others the space and resources that they need to conduct their lives.

VIRGO – Things are just coming to light regarding your resources and assets and how they are integrated in what it is that you’re working toward. Take a good look. Things won’t remain as clear as they are now, so you have a golden opportunity to gain a “bird’s eye view” of their destination and outcome.

LIBRA – Things about relationships have gained a clarity which they haven’t had in a while. Things that you assumed may have come from your own insecurity and paranoia about your self-worth. Allow what you’re being told by your significant other to sink and observe how far reaching their observations will go. You’re better off than you think.

SCORPIO – Your charisma is at a peak now. You have insight into your own motivations and this has given you a confidence you haven’t had in yourself for a while. Right now, you don’t feel the need to manipulate to compensate for perceived inadequacies. This has made you feel less like working from the background and more like being up front…sort of.

SAGITTARIUS – Take a close look at what you are gaining from your career financially and positionally. Does it match what your assumptions are? Does it match your long terms goals? Do you have long term goals? This is a time to make sure that what you’re doing is actually moving you in the direction you want to go.

CAPRICORN - There are many things that you are responsible for…or so you think. Now, career relationships have been added to the brew. Are they conducive to being productive and responsible or are they an interference for what you think you want or should be doing? Look at what you have to work with. You might find that you already have what you need, and that you don’t have to sweat competing with someone else for it.

AQUARIUS – Energy is still at a peak for how you interact with the world. Also, you are now receiving returns from the world for what you have put out there for the last year and a half. Do you like what you see? Are people treating you as you wish? Yes? Good. No? Time to look at what you’re putting out and your motivation behind it.

PISCES – Unconscious urges seem to be on the rise for you. You find yourself more often involved with groups than by yourself where you feel the safest. You’re with the groups for confirmation on what you empathize about them. You need to assess your intuitive abilities to see if what you think you intuit is actually so.

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