John’s Monthly Forecast for August 2018

ARIES – It’s like you’re coming out of a long sleep into and exciting and interesting time. Investigate everything that interests you. Your home responsibilities are in check, your relationships are in a solid place and it’s time to use your pioneering nature to its best potential. Just don’t stray too far from your normal balance. You do tend to occasionally overdo a good thing.

TAURUS – The finances you’re receiving from you career might not be what you’re expecting. Take a deeper look at what you’re doing, what you’re getting paid for and if those paying you are honest about their assessment of you. Perhaps your goals are not as clearly expressed by you to those who have an influence in answering them.

GEMINI – Make sure your conversation with others is not overly tainted with pride. People may assume that there’s hubris in what you’re asking of them. Humility will go a long way to keep your relationships on a cordial level. Also, look at your values. They’re getting a push to come more to the surface, so you can assess them.

CANCER – You seem to be getting a better handle on your finances. Also, assess your capabilities in terms of their use. You may find that some of your prior choices are now coming to forefront allowing their application in a much clearer and cleaner way. This will tend to help you in making decisions related to your career.

LEO – This is your month to shine. Just make sure that your intensity doesn’t blind others with Leodom. You may need a measure more of humility to stay in line with what is socially acceptable if not tolerable. Yet, don’t be afraid or too modest to sing your own praises. Unfortunately, our president needs to do so since there are so many sore losers and jealous people surrounding him.

VIRGO – It’s time to dig into your unconscious urges in to even out their effect on your daily life. Assess what are productive patterns and what are, actually, unproductive compulsions. You may find that their eradication will release a modicum of extra energy to aid you in doing things that are more worthwhile and productive.

LIBRA – Allow your significant other more room to be independent and to feel their self-directiveness. In the long run this will make them less likely to see you as interfering or in the way. This will also make them much affectionate and you much more alluring to them. After all, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

SCORPIO – It may annoy you to find that working from behinds the scenes, which you like best to do, allows those of a pompous nature to take credit for what you put in motion. Don’t worry. The braggart always goes too far allowing those behind the real effort to stand out in the end…although, this may not really be what you want. Choose your battles wisely.

SAGITTARIUS – With family responsibilities waning in intensity it’s time to start planning some fun. Perhaps a little trip or vacation would be just what the doctor ordered to blow out the cobwebs and emotional claustrophobia. Do something that will allow you to explore something new and arouse your curious nature.

CAPRICORN – Begin looking at your responsibilities toward your family and traditions. Are they in a good place? Do you feel content with how you are providing for them? Is there a balance between home and career and the effort you put into both? Be sure you are not rebounding between home and family and playing catch up. You’re a planner. Use your abilities carefully.

AQUARIUS – Energy is now your number one commodity. Direct it at humanitarian endeavors. You will find that these will open the doors to new pathways for your understanding of yourself…which is something you don’t always pay attention to. Usually, you strategize the movements of others as in a chess game.

PISCES – Start looking at how you’ve been making others feel guilty for your predicament. This is often done with the intention of getting others do your job and to make it unnecessary for you to risk effort or failure in areas you lack confidence or courage in. The smoke is clearing. You’re still standing alone. Relish in it. It’s freedom…something you don’t often feel.

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