John’s Monthly Forecast for July 2018

ARIES – Home and your traditions are in the spotlight now. How do you want to arrange things? How do people and things work with Feng Shui? Set a solid foundation for yourself. Hold to what works and makes things easy for you. Solicit help from your family to contribute to the flow of things in your secure environment. Nurture yourself and those you hold dear.

TAURUS –Things have been popping for you. Whether you like change or not, it’s here to stay…at least for the next eight years. What you thought was stable is shifting. This years will see the most dramatic changes but will then taper off. Be assured that what will change will have a strong bearing on any practicalities that you rely on.

GEMINI – This month your security faces a few challenges. But you’re used to things being in flux so this should be nothing traumatic for you. Communication with siblings is in the wind also. Decide what your preferences are and make them aware of how you feel. Nothing should be left to assumption.

CANCER – Right now clarity about who you are is at its zenith. This should offer tremendous help in your close relationships so you may know what works best for both of you. Emotions are running high now so don’t get carried away with sentimentality or annoyance. Stay grounded and balanced in all that you do.

LEO – Communicate what you want and like to others. You may think that others know your preferences but they don’t. You must actually tell them so as to remove any mistaken assumptions that you or they may make. Don’t let undercurrents from home interfere with what you’re doing. Keep things compartmentalized.

VIRGO – The people you connect with through service and in your environment may seem a bit testy now. Let most of what seems to be out of sorts pass and it will even out of its own accord. Sometimes it’s just better to let nature take its course. It’ll save a lot of time and aggravation on your part. Also, be patient with yourself. If you don’t, you health will suffer.

LIBRA – Right now your career is in the spotlight. Pay attention to subtle changes. They are indicators of the larger changes that follow. The support you receive from your significant other may surprise you. Take it as it is. It is opening a door to their understanding of what it is that you both need together.

SCORPIO – Home and family may produce a bit of grief. Don’t over react. They’re just not paying attention to the larger picture. Just gently guide them back to the general path. They won’t even realize that they are being guided. Do what you normally do and go about your business. Don’t feel you have to fix it all. It will all come out in the wash.

SAGITTARIUS – Siblings may bring up unexpected issues or circumstances. It will have to do with how they are or are not supporting you. Listen carefully. Let them have their say. Then let them know how you intend to handle their concerns. You have more resources at your disposal than you think. Be flexible.

CAPRICORN – Power is in your fingers. Don’t get carried away with how much you are able to affect others. You must learn to be magnanimous and compassionate…both of which are not part of industriousness. Your perceived responsibility is not a cross to bear but an opportunity to be of service to the larger whole. Don’t individualize it for complainers.

AQUARIUS – Though you may feel a surge of energy, what you invest it in may not always be received well by those whom you direct it at. You know that how you perceive things is often very different than how others may. Just go about your business. Do what you think is right, not just expedient, and the effect will benefit most.

PISCES – Pay attention to your urges now. You’ve got a clear handle of what’s escaping from your unconscious. Are you happy with what’s been “popping” up? Your health is also very well connected to what you’re feeling right now. Use these “insights” to guide what you do in nutrition, sleep, regeneration and anything that might regenerate you.

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