John’s Monthly Forecast for June 2018

ARIES – Siblings are of a major concern to you now. Listen carefully to what is going on with them and you’ll know the best advice to offer them. Your resources and personal grounding have taken on a more intuitive yet applicable coloring. Additionally, your career is offering a good example to reflect against helping you to know how to respond.

TAURUS - Things have begun to change rather swiftly. This includes the way you come across to other people. It’s time that you listen more to your inner urges and leanings. You intuition must play a larger part in the game. Don’t be so set on planning and executing according to a thought out plan. Allow more sway to your intuition.

GEMINI – This month you’re in your own element. Enjoy the limelight and the exposure. This is a time for you to shine. As you shine, however, take note of what others are able to around you and how they are or aren’t able to keep up with you. Their responsibilities and what they’re able to contribute are of prime importance for your support.

CANCER – Warmth and closeness are the focus for you this month. Where do you find beauty? What gives you goose bumps? What gives you the warm fuzzies all over? Invest in closeness and appreciation for others. Tell them what you feel. Let them know when you feel close and are empathizing with what they’re going through.

LEO – This is the time you should be your most gregarious, generous and humble. You will now receive the feedback that you need to know exactly how you are coming across to others. This timing will let you know what it is that you must change to accomplish the best rapport that you are looking for with others.

VIRGO – If you have children and/or a creative project that you have been investing time and energy into, this is the time that organizing and attending responsibilities will need the most attention. Make sure that your communication about what you want is clear so others can contribute according to your wishes. Choose your options carefully.

LIBRA – A new foundation is about to take hold. Make sure you and those connected to your roots have a good understanding of what it is that you are intending to manifest. The resources that you find in your partner may surprise you. Allow them full sway so you can see the best of the options that they are offering.

SCORPIO – Relationship may prove to be a bit difficult to predict now. Those connected to you are more susceptible to their intuitive and gut feeling urges and may change on a dime. Set your own goals and stay the course as they go through their gyrations and permutations. This will insure that they have an anchor to what it is you are wanting and expecting from them.

SAGITTARIUS - Pay special attention to your responsibilities. Solid commitment will give you the best grounding to insure that they will provide what you need to accomplish what you’ve outlined. Listen to what others are saying about what you are doing. It will give you needed insight to properly align your efforts with your goals.

CAPRICORN – You feel like the world is on your shoulders. Guess what. It is. This is your time to lead by example. Your daily routines will largely contribute to the example you want to set for others. Allow the group influence even though you prefer to work alone. It will give you the breadth you need to expand into tangent areas.

AQUARIUS – Tremendous energy is at your disposal this month. Use it wisely. Your creativity will also benefit. Pay attention to your relationships now. What you are wanting, although it seems below your level of awareness, is coming into focus through your partnerships. Allow them the space to express and it will become clear to you.

PISCES – Pay close attention to your family and traditions. There are many ways that you can answer your responsibilities. You don’t want to get caught in a path that you can’t deviate from. How others express their concern about you is what will show you the best options to take depending on what you want or need from them.

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