John’s Monthly Forecast for May 2018

ARIES – Career changes are slowly morphing. Stay clear on what you want and how it should manifest. Others will try to make you think it is your responsibility to cover for what they are unable to accomplish. They will attempt to make you feel that their battle is your battle. Don’t buy in. It’s just a ploy by people who are either lazy or afraid.

TAURUS – This is your month. Pay close attention to relationships and make sure you don’t allow yourself to get sucked into power struggles even though your partner is exhibiting forceful energy in a contentious direction. Allow your structured side to keep things organized and build toward a sharing of perspectives. Be flexible.

GEMINI – Allow your urges to come to the surface and pay attention to what comes to light. This is your opportunity to bring puzzling or stressful things from your unconscious to your conscious mind. Once they come to the light of day you should be able to talk about what has been troubling you and been unreachable until now.

CANCER – This is a good time to determine what it is that you want to accomplish. It’s also during a time when security is not at a premium so it will be easier for you to consider options rather than getting stuck in your fears and inhibitions. Put yourself in a playful mode and things will come easier and more quickly than if you try to dope it out before you act.

LEO – It’s time to pay attention to your work environment. Things are reorganizing and as long as you do what’s beneficial for everyone, including yourself, everything will turn out in a way that accommodates everyone. This also holds a direct correlation to your health. Resist the flow of what’s necessary and you’ll hurt yourself. You must break old patterns.

VIRGO – This is a time to be creative but with a clean and clear structure underlying whatever that you prefer to manifest. The clear structure will allow you to repeat what you do during the time you choose to do it. Use your ability to be specific and discriminating. This will keep what you do as being tangible and useful…hallmarks of a Virgo creation.

LIBRA – Your resources are bubbling up to the surface. It’s almost like you can’t lose. But don’t get carried away and go off half cocked. Overconfidence will crash whatever you do. Be modest. Stay conscious and pay attention to the flow of what you’re doing and where it’s going. Stay on top of things. Guide but don’t over control.

SCORPIO – Keep a tight rein and don’t allow the horse to run away with your feelings. They are power charged and want to take off on their own. It feels like there is a tremendous push toward overacting and going well beyond boundaries. It will require a tight rein and a cautious foot on the gas. Recognize when to drag your feet and put on the brakes.

SAGITTARIUS - It feels like your unconscious wants to explode. Stay calm, keep your composure and make sure you don’t waste your resources. Put your energy into some kind of physical exercise. It will blow off the pressure and keep you from busting at the seams. Make sure that family doesn’t pressure you with “responsibility guilt.”

CAPRICORN – Right now it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Pull back, tighten your organizational skills and do only as much as you are able at the moment. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It may feel like you’re driving with your brakes on but that’s just the universe’s way of making you go slowly and build solidly.

AQUARIUS – Look to your tradition for relief from the internal pressure you feel. Tradition, even though you don’t like it, will give you enough perspective to help you see what direction to put your efforts. You may also resolve some of the perceived impasse’s in your dreams. Pay close attention You’re receiving help beyond your thought process.

PISCES – Compassion is not always the answer. It may seem like the easy way out, but sometimes tough love is needed which is certainly NOT your strong suit. Learn to say no. There are many around you who have learned to depend on you excessively. It’s time to cut the apron strings and allow the “poor unfortunate ones” take up some of their own slack. You need a rest.

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