Happy Birthday Taurus 2018

Things are beginning to change faster than you might want them to. Although you are very clear on what you want, your own urges toward alternate destinations are getting you in trouble. This set of changes began in January and will be clear and manifest in mid-May. Relative to your family, and especially siblings, these changes will evolve over the summer and fall and resolve in November. The time is now to plan how you want these changes to “land” in your life. Much of what will be occurring will stem from your career and how it either aligns or does not with the way you’re running your life. Remember, no man is an island and you must take into account how your actions affect others, especially, in the long run. In an extreme, it might even represent a move for you. Just do your best to go with the flow and listen to what life is trying to tell you.

You may find yourself doing a bit more traveling this year. Whether it’s a longer trek to work or a change in the department or building you work in, assess what is necessary to make the adaptation smoother for you in the long run. We all know Taurus is one of the most resistant to change of the zodiac.

Your values will be tested. You must examine your own assumptions and decisions on how life should be lived very carefully. You now have more alternative cultures and religions to contend with. You must find a way to coexist. This is especially true if you depend on others for resources or support in your career. You may even find yourself at the mercy of someone whom you feel is not worthy of your respect. You must bite the bullet, hold your tongue and make it to you your objective with a minimum of static or contention. Open competition is not in your best interest now. Lay low and operate from behind the scenes until you think your position is stable enough to be exposed. If you openly compete without all your ducks in a row, you will be maneuvered around because of your immovable nature. Tenacity is a good thing but not now.

Although you like a good power struggle, hold back and do more to observe and plan at this point. If you’re quiet, your adversaries are likely to overlook you leaving you to freely use your resources as you wish. If you put yourself I the limelight you will end up wasting your resources on unnecessary battles.

The rewards of what you are working toward are not visible now. You must trust your higher instincts free of thinking that you must dope everything out. This is an auspicious month for the strategist and a bad one for the open competitor. Better to have people guessing your weaknesses than confirming them.

May 2018 Astrolights

The Power struggles are on the forefront but values are no where to be found. It’s time to slow down, take a breath, listen inside and ask what you are really doing. For most people this scenario exists in the career area of life. There are many changes taking place in a way that feels outside of our ability to have any influence over. However, it’s our actions, as small as they might seem, that have the greatest influence over how things play out. Don’t let your ego or temper get in the way because things are not turning out the way that you expected. Uranus moves into Taurus on the 15th with a new moon also in Taurus. The changes that are occurring are tangible, long lasting and practical relative to our contemporary circumstances. If you can see how things are aligning with the times, great. If not, it’s time to do some soul searching and ask yourself if what you have at your disposal is still viable in keeping you in line with what you need to survives and grow. If not, it’s time to refocus your objectives. Survival is not what it used to be. We are much more dependent on things that are out of our control. Currently, it’s better to have a boat with a strong rudder than an anchor like the roots of a tree. What is required of us is no longer commensurate with traditional values. We must re-think our strategy for living. Even though traditional values are often stated, the world now works on what is rather that what should be. Returning to a prior style of living is no longer possible. This has the effect of forcing us to ask what we are here for. This will force us to listen to our heart rather than the multifarious self-espoused authorities in the media. Time to think for ourselves and make decisions that work for us rather than the status quo. The only security there is now is knowing that there is none.

Venus will move into Cancer on the 19th. Talk with the people close to you. Ask their impressions of what is transpiring in the world. If their impressions do not parrot the media, you may have a good source for reflection. Traditions are formed as a way of solidifying a secure way of life and pointing the way for people to live in harmony. As conditions change, so must the traditions that support their interaction. We must be open to setting new surface standards for how we relate to each other in public while keeping our private and personal rapports that operate in depth intact. We must work on both levels to keep life running smoothly. To maintain this is proving rather stressful for most of us. The moon’s position is Scorpio is also showing us the landscape in which we must operate…mostly from behind the scenes.

With Mercury in Aries, tempers will run hot. Slow down and think before you react. As Jupiter in Scorpio moves into trine with Neptune in Pisces, our emotions are likely to be more easily triggered when we run up against obstacles to how we believe things should be and how they actually present themselves. With the Sun in Taurus our patience with ourselves and others is being tested. Take a breath, sit back and listen to the universe tell us who and what to listen to…or not.focus

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