John’s Monthly Forecast for April 2018

ARIES – This period is about expanding your effect on the world and solidifying your protocols for dealing with what life has to offer you. Take advantage of every option that you’re aware of and don’t compromise your values simply for accomplishment. This is a test from the universe to see how effective you can be without sacrificing what you believe to be important.

TAURUS – Decide now what you want. Your values and processing are in a great place for discriminating clearly how you fit into the world and what you can learn from it. Being tangible gives you your grounding and reference point. Stay with the practical but only as a reference point. Your resulting perspective will point the way.

GEMINI – What you receive for your efforts will only come from independent work. Think for yourself. Act on your own impulse and allow yourself to follow through even though you may receive objections from others who wish you to behave in a politically correct manner.

CANCER – The struggle between acknowledging the needs of your family and performing the functions required by your career is at an all time high. When you’re home, you think about work. When you’re at work, you think about home. Make a list for what you want to do at work when you’re home and vice-versa. This will clear your head.

LEO – As pride issues come more to the forefront, you’re more able to clear personal obstacles. It’s important to talk about things that you feel strongly about. The responses you will receive from others will enlighten you as to your unconscious perspectives and aspects in your learned personality that block your growth.

VIRGO – Leave others enough room to take care of their own issues. If you “do it” for them, they will neither learn their abilities nor solve their problems. They need to live life without training wheels provided by you. If you’re a parent, this bodes doubly so for your children. Additionally, hyper-criticality will totally discourage your children from putting their own effort into what they’re doing.

LIBRA – Put your feelings forth to the people you love and the people you have difficulty with. It may not change their perspective but what it will do is clarify your own feelings so you have a better sense of who you are and what you want to be in your relationships.

SCORPIO – Everything is exaggerated in your life now. Body weight explodes, your energy boils over, your patience is wearing very thin and nothing happens fast enough for you. Be careful, especially with driving, as you have the feeling that everyone is slowing you down. You must do your best to pull your efforts into a realistic and tangible perspective so you can actually accomplish what it is that you’ve set out to do.

SAGITTARIUS – Health issues need to dealt with now. Be specific. Listen to the evidence. Make your health decisions on the facts, not what you believe is supposed to be. If you idealize the end result, you may never find the path that is appropriate for your “cure.”

CAPRICORN – You feel like you’re driving with your breaks on. Relax. Take a breath. Look more closely at what it is you want to accomplish and what it is that you must adjust in your approach to get there. Roadblocks often force us to find alternatives to the path we think we should take.

AQUARIUS – The urges you feel seem totally irrational. The emotional seesaw is encouraging to you consider all the options for what you intend to put in motion and not just align yourself with past history or protocols. Your resource availability is not clear to you as you don’t have a good handle on what is needed for forward movement.

PISCES – You must learn to stand your ground and commit yourself to a path. If being compassionate has become the prime directive, you must dig to find yourself and shake free of what the world expects or “requires” of you. These expectations or requirements are self-generated by you through your early childhood training and must be transcended.

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