John’s Monthly Forecast for March 2018

ARIES – What has been hidden can be easily seen now. Has something been bothering you but you just can’t put your finger on it? Has evidence been slippery and indiscernible? Now, things are coming into focus more clearly. What you need to know is more readily accessible. If you listen now and trust your intuition to point the way, you will succeed.

TAURUS – Earnings from your career are in the spotlight along with your need for vacation and recreation. If you can balance your finances, you might be able to squeeze in a short interlude that will enable you to recharge your batteries. It’s been a tough month but there’s a break now from the constant treadmill. Use it wisely, plan carefully and enjoy.

GEMINI – Be as fluid as you can in your professional capacities but don’t allow the whiners to convince you to do their work for them. You are receptive to the emotional currents in others but you should not let their momentum catch you in their back draft. Do and think for yourself and only do what you believe needs to be done.

CANCER – Your belief system is being challenged. How much are you really responsible for the welfare of others? How much of your resources are invested in the betterment of your neighbors and siblings? Make sure your own batteries are at full charge before your commit to assisting others with their concerns.

LEO – Have you realized that people are more concerned with what you can provide for them as opposed to how gregarious a person you are to them? Assess those in your sphere of influence more carefully with an eye toward what others are expecting to gain from associating with you. This way you can gauge your output more concisely.

VIRGO – Right now, what can undermine you is very close to the surface and easily discernible. Take the time to feel what’s going on inside of you relative to what you’re intending to occur. Have you set up your activities in a practical and pragmatic form? Are your expectations reasonable? Besides being logical it must also “feel” right. Logic is not always the compete answer.

LIBRA – Slippery ill health causes are now more at your finger tips. Sometimes issues have factors that appear to be unrelated but, when combined, produce the effect that has been challenging you. Trust your gut to lead you in the right direction. You may feel like you have to play detective for a bit, but careful sleuthing will lead you toward your answers.

SCORPIO – At this point your last month’s investment should be well underway. Just be careful not to overdo as you could easily hurt your health. Be careful of anything addictive or chemical, especially, as related to recreational activities. Their effects could be far reaching. It’s also time to start assessing the results of your efforts.

SAGITTARIUS – This month has been a burst of energy. Things are just starting to slow down. As the smoke clears, start looking at the results of your efforts. You should be able to see the beginning rudiments of a new foundation for the new way you like to do things. You should also be able to see the responses of others. Do you like what you’ve created?

CAPRICORN – The new structuring of your life should be in full force now. You should also be getting the responses to your efforts from those close to you. Do you like what you’re seeing and hearing? If not, now is the time for adjustments. But move slowly and carefully. Some of the things you have already in place may be necessary or useful but might not seem so. Assess them carefully.

AQUARIUS – Your finances and resources need a cold hard look right now. Are they in a place and way that benefits you or are they set in a way that others will benefit more than you from them? Be aware that the people you surround yourself with now are sizing you up as well. Understanding the give and take is very important now. It sets the stage for future activities.

PISCES – This month you are shining. Your feelings and compassion are out front for everyone to see. You cannot hide what you feel now. You are in full view of everyone. It’s best to be as honest as you can now so as not “to fake it til you make it” and be exposed by others. You cannot conceal anything now. If you want someone to know how you feel, now is the best time to tell them.

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