John’s Monthly Forecast for February 2018

ARIES – Love interest, children and creativity are in the spotlight. Focus on what it is that is free of your daily responsibilities and concerns. Let your spirit play. Ignore rules and protocol. What is it that inspires you? What will make you feel like you are moving with your essence? Who do you enjoy being with? What do they bring to the surface in you?

TAURUS – Home and traditional issues will take precedence now. Whether this takes the form of political perspectives or simple household adjustments, it’s best to look at how things are being perceived by others to make sure what you’re trying to do or say is being received in the context for how you understand things. Remember, others haven’t had the same type of experience you have.

GEMINI – Siblings, close friends and neighbors are in the spotlight this month. Make sure that pride issues, yours and theirs; don’t interfere with what you or they are trying to say. You don’t have to be submissive but be tactful and gracious. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Check your bill dates to make sure they’re on time.

CANCER – Be cognizant of not falling into a battle for power. Your resources and those of others are more obvious to the observer now. Someone who has insecurity about their position can easily fall into fighting for their perspective, rights or perceived entitlements even though others aren’t contesting them.

LEO – Be mindful of how you’re being perceived by others. Your normal tendency to assume things about others will cloud what you observe about them. Be objective, factual and clear like a Virgo. It’s not in your nature to do so but is necessary to remain clear in how others perceive you and vice versa.

VIRGO – Your health should be meticulously examined. Notice how your emotional disposition contributes to how you later feel about experiences you encounter now. Your feelings have a tendency to percolate before they rise to the surface. Even so, you are likely not to recognize them until others react to how you react to them. Most of this happens subliminally.

LIBRA – Your creativity is receiving a boost. Don’t be intimidated or inhibited by what others think you should be doing differently from what you feel. Creativity is a function of individuality not conformity. However, even in the face of contradiction, others can spur on differing perspectives that can broaden your productivity. Take their input for what it’s worth.

SCORPIO – It’s time to invest yourself but not with personal limitations or doubts. If you feel something is worth your energy and effort, you must allow yourself to be totally free and in line with it. Total commitment is required. 99% is a bear. 100% is easy…once you can let go of the need to control it.

SAGITTARIUS – A new energy and wind at your back is aiding you in the travels you select to go with. Keep your normal ideals and rules but allow yourself to absorb and integrate the forces around you that appear to be headed in the direction that’s pulling your attention and interest. The wind has risen. Your sails are full. Let it take you.

CAPRICORN – Want to build something? A career? A house? A relationship? Now and for the next two years is the time. Be mindful of how you want your time, energy and resources to be structured. Things will now be able to settle into a pattern you can rely on…pro and con. Plan, draft and set to structure what it is you want.

AQUARIUS – Now is the time to see clearly your effect on the world. What do you love about it? What do you not? Be bold. Make choices. Don’t let the calculating mind take over and eclipse your feelings about what you see and feel. Your essence is easily reachable now and very close to the surface. Don’t be afraid to let is have play in your life.

PISCES – Those deep dark secrets you’ve been keeping from yourself and others are within your grasp now. Are there fears and inhibitions you wish to purge now? Now is the time to work on them. It’s also the time that you must do for yourself and not let anyone else’s “helplessness” guilt you into foregoing your own health and welfare.

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