for the Layman

& the Psychic Reader

Thursday March 7th, 2019 7-9PM $40.

There are many blatant and subtly learned emotional patterns in our childhood that undermine our confidence in our everyday lives and as readers. We’ve been trained to not trust our own feelings and intuition and to instead look to outside authority, including our clients, for approval and acceptance. This is accomplished through a maze of contrived adages and socially dysfunctional under-currents geared toward keeping us in the role of performing self-diminishing behaviors needed to validate our subconsciously trained shortcomings.

As we grow older we then move into the world attracting relationships that repeat and even seek out the same self-devaluing rapport we had with our superiors growing up. The sad part is that many of us don’t even know that this has happened. It has had a devastating effect on our ability to participate honestly in personal relationships.

And readers, how many times has a client questioned your validity the same way a discouraging family member has done with you in your childhood? Do you feel challenged? Does it throw you out of channel? Of course, it does!

Most of us have been subtly programmed not to trust ourselves and don’t even know it. This does not have to remain the way of things. We can easily and smoothly change the way we react to negative feedback by simply reframing our family responses through working through seven simple steps toward reclaiming our confidence and personal power.

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