Our approach to life is profoundly affected by the intentions and directions of our parents and caretakers, often with catastrophic results. The career not taken, the marriage not consummated are only two choices colored by the emotional distortions we might have come to believe about ourselves as a result of having faith and trust in the wisdom and omniscience we attributed to our parents and caretakers in our formative years. The "sins of the father" is a dominant theme leading to the necessity of our removing the biblical "mote in our eye" before we are able to clearly see enough to learn compassion and be willing to grace others with the love and acceptance we might have missed as children. What if we were raised with love and acceptance for who we were not who we were supposed to be? Understand what might have led us to feel shame and create the shadow that led us to doubt ourselves while building the courage, motivation and confidence in creating a fuller and more rewarding life.

A Mile in Your Shoes explores the formation of shame and the shadow as the result of a difficult or abusive upbringing. Presents methods for pursuing a future with courage, confidence and motivation in creating a fuller and more rewarding life. Includes steps for self-motivation, stages of perceiving compassion, levels of awareness and capacity for empathy and compassion as related to emotional growth. Includes explanations of extreme conditions in common sense language in comparison to psychological diagnoses offered in the DSM-IV-TR.

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