CYCLES: THE APPLICATION OF ENERGY WITHIN THE NATURAL CYCLE - (Book) - In nature a river is a symbol of life. It moves following the natural laws of gravity and motion following the path of least resistance. When we are relaxed and allow the current to carry us, we follow the same pattern of travel. However, humans are not known for being relaxed and passive. Some of us will even be stupid enough to swim against the current. Life is exactly the same. Despite the fact that we feel the currents, we still create difficulties and wear ourselves out by swimming against the current because we don't understand the dynamics of how energies flow in our natural cycle. Utilizing the combination of Moon phases, the I-Ching, Pagan holidays and Astrology, this book will help you recognize the natural patterns of ebb and flow in our lives so we may foresee natural shifts in our perspective and focus and have a clearer understanding of how to prepare for what comes next. Published Work 2010. Paperback. 103 Pages. ISBN 978-0-557-27153-5. $15.95


COSMIC LAW - The universe was built on 7 immutable energies. Archaic sayings are truer than you might think! Find out which and why. Includes work from Alice Bailey & Ernest Wood. Wkshp. $17.95

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The CELESTINE PROPHESY - Who were your parents? What were their values? Why were you born? What would you like to change about yourself? The process of finding your true spiritual identity involves looking at your whole life and family as one long story and finding a higher meaning. Join John in reviewing the Celestine Prophecy, personal control dramas, their effect on you and how to clear them. Wkshp. $17.95

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