Mediumship Part 2

Developing Your Protocols & Personal Style​​


Sunday February 25, 2018 – 11-1pm - $25

Our intro has given us an understanding of what to pay attention to, what to expect and how to see and know what your client might believe about the messages they will receive from your connection behind the veil. Disarming the Hollywood projections of what spirits are and what they can offer us is a challenge at best. But a down to earth practical approach can assuage your client’s fears and enlighten them about what the other side can actually provide in terms of comfort and understanding. 

It's still much easier than you think....

Part two will concentrate on the methods used to obtain and maintain clarity in your channel, recognize who your communicating with, increase your trust in what you’re receiving and build your confidence in relaying the messages to your client without doubting the information you’re providing. Beyond this you will also be learning to recognize when you’ve slipped out of channel and into empathic mode and the interactions with your client and environment that produce them.

Some review will take place but only as is necessary to enhance the protocols you wish to build in your personal style of spirit communication. Each student will develop their own style but will still be provided a general protocol to fall back on until your confidence and a personal pattern can be established. There is no set way to do mediumship but there are things that must be understood and flowed in order to prevent getting “derailed” from your channel.     

Remember, there is no key or magic bullet to access your abilities. We all have them.  Essentially, it’s just a matter of learning to accept and trust what you receive and practice the craft. Everything you need to set a solid foundation can be found in the book that follows, but I suggest reading as much as you can from as many authors as you can and cherry pick new perspectives and tools that will enhance your personal style of reading.

IS ANYONE THERE? Reaching Behind the Veil in Mediumship  In the short span of ten years Mediumship & Spirit communication have emerged from behind a shroud of fantasy & charlatanism to become a grounded & respected part of the metaphysical movement thanks to the courage and drive of leaders like John Edward, George Anderson and James van Praagh. Using psychology, common sense and easy skill developing concepts, this book will help you hone your ability to communicate with and heal your clients and those behind the veil. You'll discover your inner ability through exploring the philosophy, the practice and techniques of Spirit Communication, Spirit Healing and Soul Retrieval. This no nonsense and no frills approach presents a clear & direct path toward obtaining and building your expertise in the field. Covers ethics, philosophy, techniques, practice, client considerations, performing the reading, clearing a space, clearing a person and soul and spirit retrieval. The only thing left for you to do is practice! Paperback. 133 pages. ISBN 978-0986-436-406 $15.95

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