Beginning Mediumship

​​Learn the Basics of Spirit Communication


Sunday January 28, 2018 – 11-1pm - $25

Giving and receiving messages can be an inspiring and rewarding experience. Do you wish to assist others in contacting someone they've lost or their guides and angels for spiritual guidance? This is something that every one of us has the ability to do. For most of us it is simply dormant and awaiting the spark of our attention. It's easy to learn and the process is simple. As you practice it will evolve your intuition and expand psychic abilities. Interested? Read on...

It's much easier than you think....

Beginning in January 28th John will begin teaching the art of mediumship. Like simple psychic ability, everyone has the potential but have never realized their skills or developed them. Currently, the metaphysical market is glutted with many who instruct in the art but approach it from an occult or proffered hidden secrecy perspective leaving most people to believe that there is some trick or special ability required to unlock their skill in connecting with their client's loved ones and guides. There is no key or magic bullet to access our abilities. Anyone can do it. The truth is that we are so often emotionally entwined with doubts about our own proficiencies that we prevent the connections ourselves. Essentially, we get in our own way. Join us in learning the basic process and the easy protocol for keeping you on track, in channel and providing accurate information for your clients. If you wish, you can begin your studies now by getting a head start in the curriculum. What you need to get started is in the book:

IS ANYONE THERE? Reaching Behind the Veil in Mediumship  In the short span of ten years Mediumship & Spirit communication have emerged from behind a shroud of fantasy & charlatanism to become a grounded & respected part of the metaphysical movement thanks to the courage and drive of leaders like John Edward, George Anderson and James van Praagh. Using psychology, common sense and easy skill developing concepts, this book will help you hone your ability to communicate with and heal your clients and those behind the veil. You'll discover your inner ability through exploring the philosophy, the practice and techniques of Spirit Communication, Spirit Healing and Soul Retrieval. This no nonsense and no frills approach presents a clear & direct path toward obtaining and building your expertise in the field. Covers ethics, philosophy, techniques, practice, client considerations, performing the reading, clearing a space, clearing a person and soul and spirit retrieval. The only thing left for you to do is practice! Paperback. 133 pages. ISBN 978-0986-436-406 $15.95

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