​​Planning, Growing & Manifesting Your Deepest Desires Using the Natural Cycle


Sunday November 15, 2020 – 11:00am-1:00pm - $20

Want to be in sync with the natural forces? This year’s winter solstice will be the best time to begin your new project. Aligning with the ebb and flow of nature’s energy can supercharge your projects and bring much faster and stronger results than simply trusting on the spot planning. The ancients knew full well the power of the yearly Moon cycles for guiding the timing of their activities and the planting of their life crops.


But these cycles also move in much larger frameworks for us to


observe and use. The lunar cycle is approximately 28 days and there are 13 of them in a year while the year itself runs in a seasonal cycle in the same pattern that the lunar cycle follows. Longer than that cycle are three 28 year cycles adding up to an average healthy life span of approximately 84 years. What if we could capitalize on all these cycles in planning how we want our lives to progress? The pattern is amazingly easy to see and the template lends itself very well to both short term and long-term endeavors.

The lunar cycle you were born under also has a lot to say about your attitudes, perspectives and the way you conduct your lives. Knowing your cycle type can give you tremendous insight as to the best talents that you have, how you can apply them in the creative process and what part of the cycle your talents shine the best. 


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