​​Planning, Growing & Harvesting Your Deepest Desires Using the Natural Cycle


Monday October 22, 2018 – 7-9pm - $20

Want to be in sync with the natural forces? Aligning with the ebb and flow of nature’s energy can supercharge your projects and bring much faster and stronger results than simply trusting on the spot planning. The ancients knew full well the power of the Moon and using her cycles for guiding the timing and the planting of their life endeavors. We can do the same in every aspect of our lives creating prosperity through aligning with the natural flow of energy. Learn to use each of the eight phases as planning points for your projects.  


Doubtful? Science has asserted that validation of the moon’s effect on us is dubious at best. Yet, evidence has shown time and again that changes in moon phases have a dramatic effect on our perception, energy and attitude. Since we are more than 70% water, we also have “internal tides” just as the ocean does. We need only check hospital and police records on the new and full moons to recognize their effects.

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