John’s Monthly Forecast for January 2020

ARIES – There have been some changes in career. Let’s now see of the changes you put into place will do what you want. You have until May to solidify them, so they become part of your repertoire. These changes may also make maintaining your home and family much easier. TAURUS - Your uniqueness and its refurbishment has been a project for this last year. This month you will have the opportunity to move on from what you’ve recently put into place and have been refining. This should be more in line with the newest abilities you have found within yourself. Make sure others have a clear understanding of what you want. GEMINI – It’s time to take stock of what you have to support yourself and what

Happy Birthday Capricorn 2019

Many things are coming home to roost now. Among many results you may also find that you will have a low energy point on December 26th, and one not so low on January 10th. This is not only a birthday time for new endeavors but a pivotal point in many of your lives. On the world stage authority, social image and career are going through paces for many people. New twists on decisions that must be made are coming to light. This is especially true for Capricorn and Cancer. Just look at the current headlines if you are unclear as to what kinds of issues and how they are being presented are coming to light. In years past, just working, keeping your nose to the grindstone were enough to bring you to

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