John’s Monthly Forecast for December 2019

ARIES – Your social image and career objectives may need to go through a change. The landscape is about to change and you will have to be quick on your feet. You may even lead the change yourself. Be careful not to let others hand you the torch expecting you to be the point man and take the risks that they themselves should embrace. TAURUS – Career opportunities are on tap. However, you must take a closer look at your values if you want to make sure what’s available will fit into your idea of what a “good” position should be. But first you must define “good” to understand the parameters of your expectations. Do you mean good as advantageous or good in terms of morals? GEMINI – What kind of s

Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2019

You’ve got about a month left of being the super charmer and having everything that you want fall in your lap. After that you will have to use only what has come before to accomplish what it is that you might want. But this is no great shakes to you because you seem to take everything with a grain of honey anyway and expect your fortunate circumstances to continue to your door. Be prepared though because the universe will require you to do some organizing and hold yourself with a little more discipline if you’re to accomplish what the universe is making available to you. You can’t just charm your way to the top anymore. It will require some concerted effort. This period will begin on or abou

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