John’s Monthly Forecast for November 2019

ARIES – Your significant other is giving you a lot of support from behind the scenes. You might not always realize this thinking that they are trying to sabotage you by making you dependent on them. Nothing can be further from the truth. Accept it from where it comes. It’s given out of love. Besides, you already know that you can depend on yourself if you need to. TAURUS – There may be responsibilities pertaining to educational endeavors. There may also be dealings with issues of religion, culture and nationalities. Your significant other can offer valuable insight if you have difficulties seeing or understanding what must be done and how. GEMINI – It’s time to take a look at your overall he

Happy Birthday Scorpio 2019

Pay attention to your urges in relationships. If you’re doing what you need to do, you will feel no ill effects. But if you’re not, you may find that your lower back may feel some discomfort. Any stress that you feel this month will show itself in your lower back or in the head. Be careful moving around as you may have the habit of moving a little too fast and bumping your head or worse. Begin slowing down. You’re feeling like you could charm the pants off anyone. As this may be the case this month, don’t get carried away and allow the assumption to carry on more than this month. This “charmingness” will also have the tendency to pull in more than your share of potential new relationships. D

John’s Monthly Forecast for October 2019

ARIES – Relationships seem to be gaining in strength, understanding and intimacy. Be grateful for the loyalty and support you’ve been gaining. You’ve earned it. You’ve worked very hard at keeping sharing a dependable and comforting quality. Tension seems to be dissipating as you become more relaxed with your circumstances. TAURUS – Health issues are in the focus for you now. Be cautious with your lower back and kidneys. Also, there will be lots of support issues with others coming up for you and by you. Play close attention to what is needed and what is superfluous. It may require traversing a distance to accomplish this. GEMINI – Children may get a little out of hand. Play with them more. A

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