Happy Birthday Libra 2019

Pay attention to your urges and intuition. They will come through the body, especially, if you don’t pay attention to them. Also, health issues may pop up with seemingly no apparent cause. Just trace your steps back to when you first encountered them. Those circumstances will be instrumental to their manifestation. Responsibilities at home seem to be building. But on the brighter side, your ability to handle things in a practical way is strong and your intuition on how to do things is equally as strong. Just make up your mind to do what is needed and trust your gut. It will all come out in the wash. The energy required for your career and home responsibilities are both building. To prevent o

John’s Monthly Forecast for September 2019

ARIES – Be careful in how you move. Hasty movements can result in injury. You must do things a bit more slowly allowing patience to play more of a part. The inclination is to get things done quickly but remember, many of those around you are not in as much of a hurry as you are to get things done. Pace yourself. Enjoy the process. Life is not a race. TAURUS – Your children and personal creativity are in the focus this month. Be as un exacting as you can. Specificity may cramp your style. You also need to pay attention to your health. Be tactful with your replies to others. They are only trying to help and don’t want to usurp your authority. Control is not the issue. Health is. GEMINI – Clean

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