Happy Birthday Virgo 2019

What comes out of our mouths might not necessarily be what we’re thinking or want projected. It may also come from an egotistical side. Remember also, a lot of what comes out of our mouth was begun within our early family experience. So, we also may have some surfacing memories from childhood coming up. This is a good time to look at our career and see if it is in line with what we want to see about ourselves. This will also be a good time to look at those childhood memories and ask ourselves, is this anything that we thought we’d be doing? Do we feel ok with it? Or is it just something that falls in line with supporting ourselves? What do we really want out of life? In a different vein, whe

John’s Monthly Forecast for August 2019

ARIES – It’s time to think about getting away for a while. You need to play and let loose. You need to break away from the humdrum requirements of your daily life. You’ve been shouldering a lot of pressure from the things you think are more important than your personal welfare. Take time for yourself. Breath and relax. You’ve earned the rest. TAURUS – Your home environment is going through a shift, especially, relative to your children. What rules have you made up? Are they appropriate? Do they work? Does it fit your values and their needs? There must be a balance between their safety and their ability to establish autonomy as a person. If not, you might be behaving as an authoritarian. GEMI

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