Happy Birthday Leo 2019

There is an urge to put yourself out front. Think twice. Be careful you don’t let your mouth overload your potential. Most of what comes out of your mouth automatically will be a knee jerk reaction to your own need to maintain your position and security. You may also find that in your work environment you will be receiving challenges from those who will demand that you to prove yourself. Don’t fall for it. It’s a play for power. And if you let yourself get dragged into a “I must prove myself” battle, you will become totally distracted from the heart that you need to pay attention to and find yourself dealing with the restrictions of political correctness. You must lean heavily into your own

John’s Monthly Forecast for July 2019

ARIES – Home might be the best place for you to regain your strength and grounding. Talk about what bothers you. Make sure those close to you are aware of what you’re thinking. Just because you feel it does not mean they should know it. Your friends and relatives are not mind readers. They have to hear it from you so they know how to support you. TAURUS – Siblings and their partners will take center stage this month. Your identity with them is very different than your identity with the public. It’s time to reconcile the differences. Do you wear many hats? Do you find that you’re pulled to different people demanding different responsibilities? It’s time to set things right. Just say no. GEMI

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