Happy Birthday Cancer 2019

Knowing what you want might be a bit difficult now. Be careful of basing it on what others want or expect of you. You’re not here to make life easy for others, although you can if you choose to. You are here to develop and grow in a way that contributes to your own happiness. If you get caught up in believing that you are here to make life easier for others, you will be distracted from living your own path. Follow your heart NOT your learned obligations. Your urge to action will, now, almost always take you to issues involving you home, family and security. The key word to attend is security. But the objective is nurturance. Better to look at things in terms of expansion rather than in terms

John’s Monthly Forecast for June 2019

ARIES – Home and family are taking precedence these days. Stay calm. Listen to what’s on the airwaves. Don’t feel obligated to fix anyone’s issues and don’t feel pressured into doing more that what you think you should. Take one day and one situation at a time. It will all come out in the wash whether you worry about it or not. TAURUS – Determining what is important to you should be happening now. Take a good long look and how things are turning out. Is it matching with what you expected? Practicalities are in a good place right now and it’s easy to see if something is bearing fruit based on what you’ve set in motion. If not, this is the best time to adjust. GEMINI – The spotlight is on you

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