Happy Birthday Gemini 2019

Your urge is to act, yet you’re used to talking and thinking it through before you do.Or is that just delay tactics? Old patterns die hard but sometimes you just must let go for a while to free yourself from being trapped in the ruts we find security in. Granted, Gemini and your ruling planet Mercury are founded on mental movement and communication, but Mercury and Gemini are also based in all movement and fluidity: mental, emotional and physical.Talking about a planned action from every possible direction is no substitute for doing what is needed.It’s time to get off your duff and put your money where your mouth is! The support you give and get from your significant other and those who inha

John’s Monthly Forecast for May 2019

ARIES – Be careful in short distance travel and don’t let you imagined obligations pressure you into doing things in a rush. Everything doesn’t have to be done yesterday. Relax, take your time and pace yourself. Nothing is worth pressuring yourself with responses that could be handled more slowly and with a calmer heart. You are still loved regardless of how you handle your responsibilities. TAURUS – How you come across to others may not be of concern to you now but it certainly influences how others deal with you. Look carefully at what responses are coming back to you based on the actions you are taking now. Are they to your liking? Do you care? Wake up your practicality and see if others

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