John’s Monthly Forecast for April 2019

ARIES – This is your time to shine. Let your works be the indicator of who you are and what you’re capable of. The people who need to know will recognize you and your efforts from the perspective that will do you the most good. Allow it to happen. Don’t force any issues. The fates are “on your side” now. TAURUS - It’s time to take a good look at your finances and the resources you have to work with. There are at least two places that you may draw from but only one will provide the consistency you desire. Choose carefully be mindful of the responsibilities that your choice will entail. You don’t want to overload your effort with pointless obligations. GEMINI – There’s plenty of energy at your

Happy Birthday Aries 2019

This is a good time to look at your digestive system. Make sure the nutrition you are receiving is sufficient for your activities. You may not be giving your body all that it needs to conduct its daily routines. Also, pay close attention to whom you allow in your space. Right now, while you are very outer directed, you are much more empathic than you have been and you’re more likely not to recognize who might be influencing you. Career is certainly going through its paces where, seriousness, authority and the public, are having serious interactions with you. Maintain your values, stick to your guns and you will shine on the other side. If you are involved in political issues, they are becomi

John’s Monthly Forecast for March 2019

ARIES – Stress is on its way out. Calmer waters are ahead. Get ready to be able to breathe and relax in your own space. The needs of others are no longer as urgent as they have seemed. Solidify your own health and well being. It’s time for your to pull in the oars and drift a while so you can heal. TAURUS - Things are just about to get a bit more chaotic for you. After the 7th the unexpected will become the norm. Don’t try to second guess what’s coming. It won’t work. The universe is checking to see just how tenacious you can be. Will it be beyond practicality or will you be able to roll with the punches? GEMINI – You will begin to have more inner urges than you bargained for. Listen to your

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