John’s Monthly Forecast for February 2019

ARIES – The stress you’re feeling is getting close to a close. Hold tight. A little more and you’ll feel like you’re being shot out of a cannon. You’ll be off and running. The toughest day will be on the 12th. Batten down the hatches, put away the breakables and get ready to move past a milestone. You’ve earned the rest. TAURUS – Pay close attention to urges that seem to come from nowhere. You may find that your independence may be feeling at risk if you don’t act on them. Be cautious however that they don’t escalate into you being bellicose. Intensity may be admirable but contentiousness is not. GEMINI – You can expect to have solid support from your significant other now. Make sure that yo

Happy Birthday Aquarius 2019

With the lunar eclipse occurring in your sign on January 21st, there are a few adjustments that have been made to your core directives. To begin with, how you respond to rules and their making has gone through a shift. In this your attitude toward service and the need for your participation has become a lot more prevalent. This is not to say that there is more of a requirement but that you’ve gained more awareness of what others around may need or want to make their lives easier and more fluid. Whether you decide to contribute or not is solely up to you but your conscience will not let you slide if you feel the urge and ignore it. Second, your relationships and your acknowledgment of them ha

2019: A Look Ahead

How do you look at authority? Are you obedient? Timid? Rebellious? Insurrective? Cynical? We all have different ways for dealing with or being in authority. With us beginning the year with a solar eclipse in Capricorn and a clump of planets squeezing in around it on January 6th, authority issues will be brimming over the top of our daily concerns. This year promises to be fraught with concerns over who’s in charge, what they’re doing and what right they may have to occupy that position. With a lunar eclipse also occurring in Leo on the 21st, pride and entitlement permeating the younger generations will emerge combining with these same authority issues. On the surface, this will look like a y

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