John’s Monthly Forecast for January 2019

ARIES – Power and energy are rising in your potential and opportunities. How are you going to use it? Will you pioneer a new and exciting path or will you use it to diminish others so you don’t have to put the effort into excelling and risking failure? Your career is bringing you additional opportunities that allow you to do either. TAURUS - Take a good long look at what those close to you do when you’re not around. Are you surprised? Do you wonder why? Expecting others to be as rational and practical as you is irrational. People believe in more than just what’s in front of their nose. You must become a bit more tolerant if you want others to stay around you. GEMINI – Look at who and what yo

Happy Birthday Capricorn 2018

Generally, It’s time to take a good look at your work environment. At this point you’re probably working in more than one now. You may also find that there are people in that environment that are either chattering at you or distracting you with minutia. This is just nature’s way for forcing you to become more focused in what you are doing. If you allow yourself to react to others who distract you, you will only cause yourself more aggravation. The trick is to ignore them. Health issues are in the focus for you now. Your nervous system and limbs will be where you feel or find any illnesses or difficulties. Take care not to scatter your energies. There will probably be many people and issues p

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