John’s Monthly Forecast for December 2018

ARIES – Lean back a bit and refrain from seeing yourself as Superman or Super Woman. Being independent within reason is advisable. Admit that you do need some help in the larger issues and you will fare well. No one can play all the instruments in the orchestra by themselves and survive to the end of the concert! TAURUS – The rush is off for a while until March. Take this time to reassess how independent you truly are. Take a good look at the people you receive any support from. What are their motives? Do their efforts affect you in a beneficial way? Do they give you room to do what you need to do without feeling obligated to return favors? GEMINI – This month brings added insight to your re

Happy Birthday Sagittarius 2018

Generally, things are always done and seen as big for Sagittarius. This year is no exception but even more so. Until this time next year everything you do, and touch will be size XXXL. This will also apply to your weight, the way you come across to others and anything that you manifest between now and next November. Oh yes, and if you get a traffic ticket for speeding, the fine will be more than doubled! Make sure that anything that you do or participate in has some modicum of modesty and the application of reasonable limits. This does not exclude the tendency for others to blow things out of proportion as relate to you. Keep a fairly tight reign on your output whatever it is. Your responsib

John’s Monthly Forecast for November 2018

ARIES – You’re going to have to focus more on your own well-being rather than saving those close to you. Their idea of being “right” is not the same as you see it. They must follow from their own experience if they are to align with their own heart. Worrying about them only brings you grief. They have what they need. You don’t have to protect them. TAURUS – Your home structure and traditions are about to go through a change. Make sure that pride is not a factor in the rapport you want to establish with your family and heritage. Your significant other will have a lot to say about how you do things. Distractions from your career may make this a bit more difficult. Use your natural tenacity to

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