Happy Birthday Scorpio 2018

As of August, you have had to revisit some of the changes you have made in your close and long-term relationships. This includes friends and enemies. This has put a crimp in the timing of some of the activities you were planning on undertaking. Most of this has to do with how you serve yourself and others. This also includes the spouses of your siblings. Keep your authority over yourself obvious even though Scorpio likes to keep things under wraps. This will insure that there are no misunderstandings in how you intend to keep the relationship on an even keel for your healthiest welfare. Speaking of health, your tendency to push yourself past your limits is a bit exaggerated now and rash acti

John’s Monthly Forecast for October 2018

ARIES – Changes in financial status are in play…good and bad. Good if you pay attention and make adjustments according to how your resources are working and bad if you do a rush job just to get to more pleasurable things. Also, issues with siblings are coming more to the forefront. Do what you can but don’t over-commit yourself. TAURUS – Although things are still moving rather quickly for you, there is a slight respite occurring now where you have the opportunity to readjust recent changes. No new changes are written in stone yet so don’t be afraid to move a few things around. Once a Taurus change thing they often stay that way for a millennium. GEMINI – Your feelings and how you perceive yo

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