Happy Birthday Virgo 2018

The key word for you is structure. Anything and everything you do now must have a cohesive structure that is recognizable to you. In other words, maintain a sense of organization if you want anything you do to come to fruition. Additionally, everything that changes does so by a set of rules. Do your best to recognize and understand how the world is put together. This will help you immensely with anything that is important to you and give what you create a solidity that will have endurance. This recommendation extends to even things that are intangible like personal patterns and habits. This may seem like I’m promoting a mild OCD but setting patterns now will help as things start to move a bi

John’s Monthly Forecast for August 2018

ARIES – It’s like you’re coming out of a long sleep into and exciting and interesting time. Investigate everything that interests you. Your home responsibilities are in check, your relationships are in a solid place and it’s time to use your pioneering nature to its best potential. Just don’t stray too far from your normal balance. You do tend to occasionally overdo a good thing. TAURUS – The finances you’re receiving from you career might not be what you’re expecting. Take a deeper look at what you’re doing, what you’re getting paid for and if those paying you are honest about their assessment of you. Perhaps your goals are not as clearly expressed by you to those who have an influence in a

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