Happy Birthday Leo 2018

This is a time where you need to let yourself play. Your significant other may be in a challenging mode, but this may prove to be a stimulation for you. Allow yourself to let go of following the rules for just a little while. You may find some new pathways that match your ideals and enjoyment. Be specific about what you want and what you think is important. This will tend to give you much more clarity in how you need to do things and how you need to adjust your work environment to accommodate what you are working toward. You may have to become a bit more authoritative as those around you may be test your limits feeling that you are more interested in being liked than followed. Undercurrents

John’s Monthly Forecast for July 2018

ARIES – Home and your traditions are in the spotlight now. How do you want to arrange things? How do people and things work with Feng Shui? Set a solid foundation for yourself. Hold to what works and makes things easy for you. Solicit help from your family to contribute to the flow of things in your secure environment. Nurture yourself and those you hold dear. TAURUS –Things have been popping for you. Whether you like change or not, it’s here to stay…at least for the next eight years. What you thought was stable is shifting. This years will see the most dramatic changes but will then taper off. Be assured that what will change will have a strong bearing on any practicalities that you rely on

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