Happy Birthday Cancer 2018

This year relationships have taken on a dominant role in your forecast. Responsibility is on the rise but so is stability. Those near and dear to you are very strongly connected to how you are handling your family and career obligations. It may feel a bit like an increasing weight but look at it as an opportunity to cement your rapport with them. Remember though, responsibility works both ways and something always comes back when you dedicate your services. Sometimes, however, it takes a bit longer than you expect. Support is coming from the strangest places these days. Nothing really comes from where you plan or think it does. Yet, you seem to be getting what you need. Please be mindful of

John’s Monthly Forecast for June 2018

ARIES – Siblings are of a major concern to you now. Listen carefully to what is going on with them and you’ll know the best advice to offer them. Your resources and personal grounding have taken on a more intuitive yet applicable coloring. Additionally, your career is offering a good example to reflect against helping you to know how to respond. TAURUS - Things have begun to change rather swiftly. This includes the way you come across to other people. It’s time that you listen more to your inner urges and leanings. You intuition must play a larger part in the game. Don’t be so set on planning and executing according to a thought out plan. Allow more sway to your intuition. GEMINI – This mont

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