John’s Monthly Forecast for March 2018

ARIES – What has been hidden can be easily seen now. Has something been bothering you but you just can’t put your finger on it? Has evidence been slippery and indiscernible? Now, things are coming into focus more clearly. What you need to know is more readily accessible. If you listen now and trust your intuition to point the way, you will succeed. TAURUS – Earnings from your career are in the spotlight along with your need for vacation and recreation. If you can balance your finances, you might be able to squeeze in a short interlude that will enable you to recharge your batteries. It’s been a tough month but there’s a break now from the constant treadmill. Use it wisely, plan carefully and

Happy Birthday Pisces 2018

Your heightened sensitivities may cause you a bit of distress for a bit. What may also exacerbate this is your inclination to act on things before they’ve fully registered in your perceptions. You must work at anchoring your thoughts and feelings before you allow yourself to react. Otherwise you may find yourself in irreversible circumstances. Conversely, your urge toward quick reactions may also allow you to take advantage of opportunities you might have previously passed up due to intimidation, guilt or childhood generated inhibitions. This seems like a paradox but what is necessary now is a balancing of your feelings and actions. As of December this has become a little bit more workable t

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