John’s Monthly Forecast for February 2018

ARIES – Love interest, children and creativity are in the spotlight. Focus on what it is that is free of your daily responsibilities and concerns. Let your spirit play. Ignore rules and protocol. What is it that inspires you? What will make you feel like you are moving with your essence? Who do you enjoy being with? What do they bring to the surface in you? TAURUS – Home and traditional issues will take precedence now. Whether this takes the form of political perspectives or simple household adjustments, it’s best to look at how things are being perceived by others to make sure what you’re trying to do or say is being received in the context for how you understand things. Remember, others ha

Happy Birthday Aquarius 2018

You should have a clear field to have a good understanding of what you want at your deepest levels. This coupled with old habit patterns surfacing now for you to see should make your choices easier than usual. Since later December, any responsibilities that you have either avoided or missed have also made their presence known. Use this time to “clean up your act.” The choices you make and the ways you handle these current circumstances will have a profound effect on what you’ll have to deal with over the next six months. The roles of empathy and compassion in your life are in question right now. First, do you know what empathy and compassion are? Whether you are aware or not, they still play

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