Astrology Without the Math!

​​A Crash Course in Astrology for Psychic Readers


Saturday April 18, 2020 – 10-4pm - $69

Whether you’re a tarot reader, numerologist, psychometrist or a medium, wouldn’t you love to have the added insights that come with the knowledge of astrology? Astrology doesn’t show much as to who we are but who we can be and what motivates us toward our life lessons. Each person is born into a sign promoting the qualities that life trains us to become and incorporates them as part of our perception. It’s easier than we think. Learn to integrate the signs, planets and houses and discover the secrets and skills that can materialize our soul’s mission. Then, how much better if we can provide this for our clients? Take a chance. Learn a new skill and perspective. Add astrology to your psychic toolbox. You’ll be pleased with the added depth and dimension you can provide for your clients not to mention a deeper understanding of your own relationships as trained by your family upbringing.

Class to be held at:

The Spirit University

373 Braden Ave

Sarasota, Florida 34243