Astrology for Purpose, Power and Perspective - Take a look at and enhance your knowledge of planets, houses, signs, transits and aspects from a life purpose and growth oriented point of view. With attention to karmic beginnings and current situations John takes a closer look at the dynamic flow of energy in yearly cycles, life change points, reaping and sowing hemispheres, planetary pictures, final dispositors & opening and closing aspects of planetary cycles. Coverage also extends to integrating transiting planetary triggers with the internal dynamics of progressions and their timing. Six sessions $90.
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Esoteric Astrology - Explore the work of Alice Bailey and Ernest Wood through the use of the 7 rays; their meanings, components, uses and their correspondences to many other sciences. Five sessions $75.

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Talent, Ability and the Rays - This workshop gives an interpretation of vocation using esoteric principles as presented by Alice Bailey and Ernest Wood. Wkshp $17.95.

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CYCLES: The Application of Energy Within the Natural Cycle - (Book) - In nature a river is a symbol of life. It moves following the natural laws of gravity and motion following the path of least resistance. When we are relaxed and allow the current to carry us, we follow the same pattern of travel. However, humans are not known for being relaxed and passive. Some of us will even be stupid enough to swim against the current. Life is exactly the same. Despite the fact that we feel the currents, we still create difficulties and wear ourselves out by swimming against the current because we don't understand the dynamics of how energies flow in their natural cycle. Utilizing the combination of Moon phases, Saturn transits, Uranus transits, the I Ching & Pagan holidays, this book will help you recognize the natural patterns of flow in our lives so we may foresee shifts and have a clearer understanding of how to prepare for what comes next. Paperback 103 Pages - ISBN 978-0-557-27153-5 - $15.95

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Lunar Nodes - As one of the most misunderstood factors in astrological interpretation the lunar nodes indicate past life patterns that we must cleanly incorporate into our daily life situations. Rather than indicating what you should or shouldn't do, they indicate the polarity of energy and circumstances that are in need of re-balancing. In this they contain a reservoir of past life energy that, if ignored, will create contentious and puzzling life experiences until they are acknowledged, addressed and resolved. Find out how, where and why these adjustments must be made. Wkshp $17.95.

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Lunar Phases - What lunar phase were you born under? Why is it important? Lunar phases were used by the ancients to determine when to plant and reap. Humans are no different from the earth in following this pattern? Dynamic changes in our attitude and emotional dispositions have been documented when the moon phases peak and ebb at full and new just like the ocean's tides. The phases show the cyclic pattern influencing our physical, emotional and mental world. Learn the progression of phases in order to understand and predict patterns our behavior and circumstances eventually leading to a tangible conclusion. Besides the Moon, the planets also move through phases not dissimilar to the Moon's. Find out how the phases influence the way you approach your life. Wkshp $17.95.

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Chiron, the Healer - Born as a Centaur, half man half horse, Chiron became a great healer, astrologer and oracle. Among his pupils were Aesculapius, Achilles, Jason Perseus, Heracles and Dionysus. Find out how where and how he works through your chart.. Wkshp  $17.95.

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Vulcan, the Forge - Roman Vulcan and Greek Hephaestus are the gods of fire and smithery. They fashion raw materials into useful tools. Even though the purging fires can be a bear for us to work through, what is smelted provides the experience we need for new growth. Wkshp $17.95.

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Minor Aspects - Minor aspects have been long neglected by the astrological community. Their subtlety and consistent effects follow a regular cycle yielding some surprising results. Two sessions $30.

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Decans, Numbers & Sabian Symbols - Follow the path of numbers and their meanings, the threefold division of each sign and the symbolic imagery of each degree through application to and interpretation of the chart. Wkshp $17.95.

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Advanced Calculation - Learn to interpolate any point between two degrees.  Wkshp $17.95.

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Rectification - Having no birth time is not as bad as it seems. Learn Bernadette Brady's method and be assured that you will locate the ascendant. Wkshp $17.95.

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Astronomy 4 Astrologers - Have you ever wondered what a node or declination actually looked like? Learn these answers and more through diagrams and explanations. Wkshp $17.95.

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Relocation Charts - Moving from one location to another changes your houses but not your planetary positions. Find out how you can use this to your advantage. Wkshp $17.95.

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Midpoint Astrology - Utilize the power of these sensitive points with the use of the 90ø dial as they are contacted by transits, progressions and relationships. Two sessions $30.

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